Replica relojes Rolex Rolex Date 15200 Reloj con esfera plateada

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Nombre/número de modelo: Fecha 15200
Número de serie/año: E – 1990
Género: Hombre
Movimiento: Automático 3135
Caja: acero inoxidable con bisel liso (34 mm)
Esfera: Index plateada con manecillas de tritio y gráficos de lume
Brazalete: Oyster de acero inoxidable con cierre a presión

Valoraciones (10)

10 valoraciones en Replica relojes Rolex Rolex Date 15200 Reloj con esfera plateada

  1. Vijay samalakondaiah

    Before buying, I was worried that I would n’t allow all kinds of things. I really like it when I buy it back. I always look forward to it. Sure enough, it did n’t disappoint me. It ’s really good. The store ’s service attitude is very good.

  2. Will

    I ’m too satisfied with the quality of the goods I bought. I feel that the quality is very good. This quality can be compared with other watches. After taking it, it ’s handsome. I will buy it next time. The quality of the watch is very good. I like it very much. I recommend it if I need a friend in the future. It looks very beautiful and exquisite. I like very much!

  3. Justin W. Craig

    I received the watch. The design of the whole watch is what I like, and the details are also in place. I usually receive many customers. This is a very good grade. When I go out to play, it is also a very good grade. It is a watch worth having.

  4. Diego Benitez

    The watch was received. The packaging is very good and very careful. The watch is very good to use. It is very simple and stylish. The dial scale is accurate and the overall is quite satisfactory.

  5. danelle perkins

    Good quality. The service attitude of the shop is very good, and the watch looks great and attractive. It’s convenient to go on time. Finally, I wish the store business is booming and everything goes well

  6. This guy

    The watch looks very high-end, and the watch is heavy to pick up. Value for money. The packaging is also very good. Give it away, really give it away.

  7. Wairimu

    A watch with very high-cost performance, full-featured style, natural atmosphere, low-key and connotation, customer service is very professional, service is in place, you can take it with you when you bring it with you, a very satisfactory shopping, thanks

  8. Andy

    How about the quality of this watch?

    • 管理员

      The watch is beautiful, the quality is accurate and good, you can place an order if you like it

  9. CodeMonkey

    Very happy. Works perfectly, is extremely quiet and very well made. I would definitely purchase it again.

  10. Kimberley Zellner

    For that reason, I’m dinging this otherwise functionally attractive device. It’s a great product, does exactly what it’s sold to do, and keeps my watches running.

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